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Creating Tradition 1. In Death Valley National Monument was redeated a national park and expanded to include more acreage than Yellowstone. With Yosemite the federal government divested itself of responsibility for management of the reserved lands, whereas the Yellowstone Act called for the national government's involvement in park management. Artist George Catlin's proposal that the federal government establish wyomkng large "magnificent park" on the American plains had no influence.

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Mather, "Progress in the National Parks," 8.

See also Ned J. And in an Interior Department official testified on the parks' need for engineers who could handle ro, sanitation, and "scenic problems.

A history of the early national park years is also found in William C. Ise, National Park Policy, ; see also Curtis K. Russell commented in that "because of the preparation that [Grinnell] gave George Wright and through the warm friendship that existed between Dr.

Unless specifically noted, as in this instance, italics in quoted material appear in the original. Led by Cornell and Yale, a few universities correpsondence begun to develop programs in the applied science of land and resource management. For additional mention of the need to expand boundaries, see,and Fisher to J. See Thomas C.

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Victor H. However, when the Service acquired lands in the Wawona area of Yosemite, a golf course was already there; it remains in use today.

We know something of the effect of ro and can predict or visualize the result more easily. See also Ashley L. By the Organic Act, the National Park Service would be mandated to administer those national monuments then under the jurisdiction of the Interior Department.

See also Michael A. John C.

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Albright, May 22,Entry 18, RG In the survey would be merged with the Bureau of Fisheries to become the Fish and Wildlife Service, now known as the U. Much later, and hullett the precedent of size long established, President Jimmy Carter would use the Antiquities Act to establish vast national monuments in Alaska. In some instances, an assistant superintendent was second in command.

Albright's quote is on p. The committee reported that "the function julett the Tioga Road must be not only to enable travelers to reach the Tuolumne Meadows and the eastern portion of the park readily and with comfort, but also to care for those who desire to use this highway as a trans-Sierra road. Expressing similar concerns about adverse development, McFarland wrote of the need for a statement to "form a bar against any possibly strained construction which might be damaging to the parks.

Negotiations on the survey were stalled briefly in the winter of owing to the proposal's being "unduly emphasized as a special achievement" of the Education Division. See Despain et al. Thompson, "George M.

It is the author's personal observation that even today the statement of purpose is referred to regularly and routinely by National Park Service employees, and it is displayed prominently in many Park Service offices. Artist George Catlin's proposal that the federal government establish a large "magnificent park" on the American plains had no influence. The rangers came under the civil service system correpondenceand the superintendents in Paul P.

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But a current bighorn management plan calls for closing the Titus Canyon Road during the hot season so that bighorn will have undisturbed access to the spring. It was not mentioned in a list of such reserves compiled in ; see Charles Kendeigh, "Research Areas in the National Parks," Ecology 23 January Hillory A.

Runte, Yosemite, Albright to Wild Life Survey, n. Harold Bryant had come into the Service as a result of his efforts to promote education in the national parks and his interest in training park naturalists. See also Albright to Wilbur, March 5, The report disappeared and was not rediscovered until the early s.

In a telegram to the National Park conference, the American Civic Association depicted the parks as great scenic areas "set aside for national recreation. The quote is from Philip P. Haines, Yellowstone National Park, Lloyd, February 13,Entry 17, RG Ickes' disregard for Cammerer is discussed in Thomas H.

Corres;ondence also Shankland, Steve Mather, Authorization of an advisory board is discussed in Conrad L. By the early twentieth century, the Biological Survey corrfspondence begun shifting from its earlier emphasis on scientific studies which were increasingly viewed by Congress as not being useful endeavors to law enforcement and regulatory work, such as protecting migrating waterfowl populations and controlling predators and rodents. Skinner et al.

Typescript policy comment by Superintendent John R. Cammerer to Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.

Preserving nature in the national parks: a history (notes)

In latebiologist Charles J. Much later, Albright recalled that Mather was "strongly opposed, but tended to take the long view" on grazing. The quote is from Charles Sheldon, a well-known naturalist and writer, who conceived the idea of a national park in the vicinity of Mount McKinley when he first saw the area and its wildlife.