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There is currently no "cure" for dementia. In fact, because dementia is caused by different diseases it is unlikely somelne there will be a single cure for dementia.

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By studying these cells, scientists have gained important insights into how the damage to the brain begins and how it might be halted. There is currently no "cure" for dementia.

It's one of the approaches that has been very effective in other diseases such as cancer. These cells are involved in clearing out debris from the brain.

They can develop into many different cell types, including brain or nerve cells. Current medicines being explored as possible treatments for Alzheimer's and vascular dementia include those used for:.

These brain cells can also be used to test potential treatments at a very early stage. Another area being explored by researchers involves specialised immune cells in the brain called microglia. Stem cells and dementia Stem cells are "building block" cells. The initial from an early-phase clinical trial of this drug were promising.

However, avaioable have been learnt from these failed studies and a of clinical trials are taking place, including a trial of the monoclonal antibody aducanumab. Repurposing medicines Developing new medicines to treat dementia takes many years and millions of pounds.

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Other studies have used monoclonal antibodies man-made versions of immune system proteins to target these proteins to slow the disease. Here are some of the areas researchers are working on and their findings so far.

about the causes of dementia. In dementia, some studies have used vaccination against abnormal proteins that build lookingg in the brain in Alzheimer's disease. They've then triggered these stem cells to become brain cells.

about the trial at Dementia Research. This drug is now undergoing a phase III clinical trial. Most studies involving vaccination or monoclonal antibodies targeting amyloid have so far been unsuccessful.

For example, monoclonal antibodies have been deed to target the amyloid protein, which builds up in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease. Research is aimed at finding cures for dementia-causing diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.

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In Alzheimer's disease, these immune cells appear to become overactive, which may be causing further damage to the brain. Although a cure may be some years away, there are lookiny very promising advances.

In fact, because dementia is caused by different diseases it is unlikely that there will be a single cure for dementia. Repurposing existing drugs used for other conditions is another, often quicker, way of finding medicines to treat dementia.

And with increased funding over the past few years, there are now many more research studies and clinical trials taking place. Someonee appeared to reduce the build-up of amyloid in people with early Alzheimer's disease, leading to a slower decline in memory and thinking skills. Huge strides have been made in understanding how different diseases cause damage in the brain and so produce dementia.

Current studies are trying to identify how to prevent this.